Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ribbons and Packages!

Well Hello,
                   How exciting, I have finished my packaging and printed material and have received it all, recycled paper and vegetable dye inks and all from a company in Melbourne called Print Together who were very lovely to deal with and very helpful.
                   I am busy with some commissions and putting together items for the upcoming Craft Hatch Market  on August 13th in Melbourne, the first one I have ever done, plus trying to put together a piece for Lord Coconut's exhibition in August also... busy busy busy.  The weather is bad but the fire is going and I am very happy to be so occupied.
                   Take a look at my beautiful new packaging and business cards.  I hope you like them as much as I do... Cheers, and stay warmxx

Monday, 4 July 2011

June and July....

   Well Hello all, I know it's a really slow and wet day today, but I am very very happy!  I am one of the craft hatch market designers on their AUGUST 13th market day at 1000 £ Bend at 361 Little Lonsdale St in the CBD and since it's a Saturday, and since it starts at 11, you can all be in the city for brunch, head down and  look at some really beautiful pieces and amazing designers and head off for early drinks and dinner, as it finishes at 4 p.m.  Or... go and see the Vienna exhibition at the NGV, which is what I intend to do soon. 
   I am currently working on a piece for the upcoming exhibition at Lord Coconut called" Dear Father..." and I can not stop thinking about it, so I hope I can meet my own expectations!  Plenty of work on the boil also, I tend to make earrings as a way of thinking things through, so many new ones coming along nicely.  As it's a really wet and cold, windy day, I may just get one of the offspring to come in to the studio for some candid camera time, and I promise to post them in the next few days just to share my little creative space with you.  Back soon, ciao for now....

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

May Madness

Why hello again.  It's very very wet in my neck of the woods so I am looking forward to a little jaunt into the big smoke to dry my feet.  I'm off to the Lord Coconut opening in a few weekend's time to see how the whole project has come together and I will be researching my new bed.  Can't wait!!  Been back to the studio these last few days, and enjoying a few equipment upgrades and how they make my life so much  easier and more grown up, however, I really think I will be needing my own solar power station soon, what with having to use a heater lately in my little nook.  The sun is out and so is the washing.  God bless the Egyptian cotton sheets goddess, as I am dreaming of snuggling up tonight and my yummy sheets smell beautiful and very very inviting.... mmmm... must control myself and wait 'til the sun has at least made an attempt to retire before I do.  Ah well.  Back to the bench for this little worker.  Until next time...ciao!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Well, April is here and it's very wet underfoot, managed to buy silver at an all time record high, but I guess you can't win every time.  Enjoyed meeting Mark from Lord Coconut, the shop will be gorgeous, it's in Carlow House, right near a great number of brilliant eateries so Yay to that.  Visited Pieces of Eight while I was in town and remembered to drop in to visit my favourite tailored women's vest at Cubec, it's still there, calling to me like the sirens to Ulysses.   Ahh, well.... one day it shall be mine... one day.....
 Here's to Rachel and Luc, good luck in Paris.        
                                                              Cufflinks for Lord Coconut...
                                                                              more to come... yippee.
Here's to more thank you gifts so I can work with more gold, yum yum...

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Busy as a March Hare.

Well, March is proving very busy, with the new pieces I am busily putting together for Lord Coconut, soon to open; wedding gifts for fiances, 21st birthday presents and thankyou gifts for post divorcees!  Lovely to be working away in the studio with lots in front of me, stay tuned for some more pictures of the latest creations...

Sunday, 6 March 2011

 Okay, so these are a few pieces I've made in more recent times. High polish finishes contrasting with soft brush satin finishes are repeat offenders in my designs as I like the texture and play of light.

Sometimes the most simple ideas are the most fun and not over thinking the process, or complicating the design to appear more clever, can bring lots of pleasure, both in the making and in the end result. 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Brand New

Well, today is the first  day of my blog, and I will be posting images shortly of some new works created, plus any news in regard to my work that may be of interest.  I'm an avid fan of any great technical information other jewellers and silversmiths put on the web and I'll be passing on any good links I come across.  Looking forward to making new contacts.  Cheers! Kathleen