Tuesday, 17 May 2011

May Madness

Why hello again.  It's very very wet in my neck of the woods so I am looking forward to a little jaunt into the big smoke to dry my feet.  I'm off to the Lord Coconut opening in a few weekend's time to see how the whole project has come together and I will be researching my new bed.  Can't wait!!  Been back to the studio these last few days, and enjoying a few equipment upgrades and how they make my life so much  easier and more grown up, however, I really think I will be needing my own solar power station soon, what with having to use a heater lately in my little nook.  The sun is out and so is the washing.  God bless the Egyptian cotton sheets goddess, as I am dreaming of snuggling up tonight and my yummy sheets smell beautiful and very very inviting.... mmmm... must control myself and wait 'til the sun has at least made an attempt to retire before I do.  Ah well.  Back to the bench for this little worker.  Until next time...ciao!