Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Well everyone it finally is the season, so here's a little update on the " what, where and when" of what I am up to just prior to taking a little Xmas break from the full on studio, into tinkering until it's all back to full speed ahead.

Sisters' Market is headed to Q.V. as am I for three of their six dates: 13th (Thursday) 14th (Friday) and 15th (Saturday) of December I will be there selling my silver wares, so if you know someone who likes some subtle bling, there will be some beautiful stuff on offer and great eats all around, not to mention music, lights etc. so should be loads of fun.

This weekend is the Design Market for three days, where Mark from Lord Coconut has a stall showcasing all of the beautiful designers and jewellers he stocks in the store and that includes moi, so that should also be amazing, I would love to go up and see all that amazing talent in one building!  Hope it's a great success.

Bend and Snap are having a Xmas evening market on the 16th of December, from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. complete with a little gift wrapping stall, in the very funky 1000 Pound Bend Gallery and Cafe on Little Lonsdale.

I hope you can come to at least one of these events, as I believe buying hand made from any of the amazing artisans our city is abundantly rich in is the perfect Christmas gift!

Cheers and have a safe and happy Christmas, and a brilliant New Year with all your beloveds!

Monday, 3 September 2012

New Work

  Well, here is a piece commissioned by a lovely young man for his equally gorgeous girlfriend.  She is a very talented surfer, hence the wave crashing...lovely and challenging to work on.
  May today be one of many more to come with the gentle breeze bearing the scent of boronia from the garden and the sun warming the back of my neck to a pale pink after the weak rays of winter.

Sisters' Market

  Very happy to announce I will be attending the Sisters' Market on October 20th at the Northcote Town Hall, so please look out for me there; a new venue for me and very exciting it is too!  I have designed and made some of my own stamps, so the newer pieces will feature these delicate additions.  As well as my trademark earrings, expect to see some matching pendants, and a range of delicious bangles.  Hope to see you there.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bilby's a-boppin', Bunnies a-hoppin' and the weather is a March MadHatter.

       Well, lots of news and lots of new images to post, thanks especially to all those who came to the Craft Hatch Market it's always good at the 1000 pound Cafe in Little Lonsdale, great coffee, great music and really exceptional makers to share the day with.  It is very tempting to shop while you are trying to sell...lucky they are so inspiring and I can come back all gingered up to the studio to work some new thoughts into my pieces.
Craft Hatch, March.
        Been very inspired by fabrics and architecture, thanks to a short trip O.S. to the very beautiful, romantic and delicious looking Quebec, the Old Quarter, which seems untouched since the 17 and 1800's when it was a thriving French Colony.
Luke in Quebec, Xmas 11/12.
New Works.