Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bilby's a-boppin', Bunnies a-hoppin' and the weather is a March MadHatter.

       Well, lots of news and lots of new images to post, thanks especially to all those who came to the Craft Hatch Market it's always good at the 1000 pound Cafe in Little Lonsdale, great coffee, great music and really exceptional makers to share the day with.  It is very tempting to shop while you are trying to sell...lucky they are so inspiring and I can come back all gingered up to the studio to work some new thoughts into my pieces.
Craft Hatch, March.
        Been very inspired by fabrics and architecture, thanks to a short trip O.S. to the very beautiful, romantic and delicious looking Quebec, the Old Quarter, which seems untouched since the 17 and 1800's when it was a thriving French Colony.
Luke in Quebec, Xmas 11/12.
New Works.

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